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We undertake advanced numerical analysis of geotechnical problems using the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) program PLAXIS. PLAXIS is an advanced piece of software developed at the Technical University of Delft, it is used for geotechnical applications in which soil models are used to simulate the soil behaviour.

Where ground movements are of particular interest around open excavations and tunnels FEA can be used to make useful predictions and the effects of these on adjacent structures can be assessed. We have used PLAXIS on several UK contracts and in certain situations large savings can be realised for clients who are prepared to invest in the time taken to undertake this type of work. In recent times we have been able to eliminate the requirement for temporary propping to a large open excavation by using PLAXIS alongside an observational approach. This saved both time and considerable expense for our client.

We are actively seeking new clients who are keen to investigate the benefits of advanced numerical techniques, please contact Stuart Bradshaw for further assistance.

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