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Driven Cast Insitu

The Driven Cast Insitu (DCI) pile is a pile that has become the norm for larger projects in Britains' estuarine locations, used commonly on the Humber, Severn and Thames estuaries the pile provides a quick and easy solution for low rise development and it is a pile type with which we have extensive experience.

Driven Precast Concrete

Driven Precast Concrete (DPC) piles are an effective solution where large depths of alluvium overlie denser strata and can offer an effective foundation for both lightly and heavily loaded structures. Our experience with the precast concrete pile is again extensive and includes some of the largest single contracts awarded for this type of pile in the UK.

Driven tube, box and H pile (steel)

Driven steel piles come in various guises and whilst not a popular choice due to their cost, are still a pile that offer advantages in certain situations and one with which we are very familiar.

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