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Ground Anchors...

We can offer a design service for all types of ground anchors (rock bolts and soil nails) including; High Capacity Strand anchors, Bar anchors and Hollow threadbar anchors.

We have extensive design experience using high capacity strand or bar in soils and rocks throughout the UK.

High Capacity Strand Anchors are ideal for capacities in excess of 500 kN. We have designed strand anchors with safe working capacities of 3150 kN for high integrity nuclear safety structures.

Bar Anchors are suitable for loads up to 2000 kN where strand anchors cannot be used. We have designed many schemes using bar anchors from retaining structures to tank farms and continue to offer a design service for this type of anchor.

Hollow Threadbar Anchors are similar to self drillers. We have designed many projects using this technique particularly where a rapid solution in unstable soils is an important aspect

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