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Terrain Geotechnical Consultants Limited were appointed consulting engineers for design and load testing of 2000 kN capacity mini piles, for a 17 storey building on a redevelopment site with very restricted access in Manchester.

The development site was located on a triangular shaped parcel of land in the Deansgate area of Manchester city centre, it posed numerous challenges due to the proximity of existing sensitive structures bounding the site, including a canal, a retaining wall to a highway and a highway bridge abutment.

The original specification required the installation of heavily reinforced 350mm drilled mini piles capable of withstanding compression, tension and horizontal loads. Upon commencement of the site works, it was found that rotary percussive open hole drilling was not suitable as the air flush was not capable of lifting the damp sandstone arisings clear of the bore. Drawing upon previous experience working on the nearby Manchester Hilton we were able to suggest an alternative approach using augers. An alternative pile design was implemented with an increased pile diameter of 450mm using a rock auger complete with bullet points capable of penetrating and recovering the sandstone.

The broad experience within the company allowed us to provide fast and economical design solutions for the site within pressing time constraints.

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