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Beetham Hilton, Manchester...

Terrain Geotechnical Consultants Limited were awarded the contract for the design of a contiguous bored pile wall for basement retention for this prestigious 47 storey residential/hotel building.

We provided the design for temporary and permanent retention to the surrounding ground utilising a contiguous bored pile wall of both 600 and 750 mm diameter piles.  The wall was up to 9 metres in cantilever using 600 mm diameter piles, elsewhere the wall was propped off the capping beam for 11 metres retained adopting 750 mm diameter piles.  The piles were installed using a Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling rig (a Soilmec CM70) capable of penetrating the weak to moderately strong underlying sandstone.

The design was particularly complex due to the deep dig, a temporary tower crane also partially supported on the wall piles and the requirement to adopt a cantilever solution where possible.  Our extensive experience with this type of construction in Manchester and elsewhere assisted our client to win this contract over other competing bids.

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