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Euston Square, London...

This was a busy construction site in central London, the requirement for a tower crane base had been overlooked during the main piling works, the tower crane piles were therefore installed in very restricted access using a mini piling rig due to the advanced stages of the surrounding permanent construction.

Unfortunately there were construction problems with some of the piles due to unexpected water ingress causing hole collapse.  Two piles had to be re-drilled and one of these returned a low cube strength.  This resulted in a loss of client confidence particularly as this was to be a high integrity foundation for a tower crane. The clients confidence was restored by successfully statically load testing one of the problematic piles to 1.5 x SWL. Load testing was carried out using our patented high capacity, lightweight, modular test beam which was ideally suited to the confined working space.

Ultimately the tower crane was installed on time, restoring the clients confidence and eliminating costly delays.

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