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Terrain Geotechnical Consultants Ltd (TGCL) were appointed as consultants for the design and preliminary testing of mini-piles for two new pylon towers at Brine Fields near Hartlepool. The project posed some significant challenges; the tower was to be constructed on made ground comprising of nearly 10m of slag fill overlying sand, the pile loads we derived from the tower indicated high tension and compression loads. Lateral loads were eliminated by designing the piles to rake at the same angle and in the same direction as the tower legs.

Terrain provided a design based upon 103/78mm Ischebeck Titan self drilling hollow threadbar micropiles using a 175mm diameter drill bit.

A preliminary pile tension test was specified, the high tension loads required to test the pile and the soft ground conditions present necessitated the design of a piling mat and a means to prevent the test beam from pulling into the ground at high load. We designed a system using railway sleepers to spread the load during the test, the test was carried out successfully allowing the installation of the tower piles to proceed.

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