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Terrain Geotechnical Consultants Limited were appointed as geotechnical consultants for the design of a contiguous bored pile wall for the construction of a single storey basement at Jack D’s, a new nightclub in Gorey in the Republic of Ireland.  The original design of the wall comprised 300mm diameter bored piles at 500mm centre to centre spacing. This method of piling was adopted for the ground conditions indicated in the site investigation data provided which indicated that the underlying ground conditions were stiff to very stiff clay.  It was anticipated that open hole boring with a flight auger would be possible through a short length of casing.

Upon commencement of piling it was noted that the sides of the pile bores were unstable resulting in hole collapse before completion of each pile. An Engineer from Terrain Geotechnical Consultants Limited visited the site to witness a number of trial bores and log the material encountered. The material was identified as a water bearing clayey Sand and Gravel which was not suitable for the intended piling method  particularly as the site boundary was surrounded by existing buildings in close proximity.  We put forward in conjunction with our client a solution using hollow threadbar self drill micropiles with a 200mm diameter drill bit which do not require temporary casing.  The solution was acceptable and the bored pile wall was re-designed adopting this approach.

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