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Mosley St, Manchester...

It was proposed to redevelop the site of a former eight storey bank at Mosley Street in Manchester City Centre. As part of these works the existing building was to be demolished to sub-basement level (approximately 7.0 metres below existing street level).  Both the existing ground floor and basement floor slabs were to be removed leaving only the sub-basement slab in-situ, effectively leaving the remaining 1960’s reinforced concrete counterfort basement retaining walls (within a remaining sheet pile cofferdam) to stand in cantilever.

We were appointed by the demolition contractor to undertake an assessment of the existing basement walls to determine the extent of any temporary propping that would be required for the safe removal of the ground floor and basement slabs. As part of this assessment we undertook a walkover site survey and inspection of the existing walls, inspection of concrete cores taken from the wall, geotechnical modelling of the ground conditions and the use of specialist software to model the behaviour of the wall in the un-propped and propped states. We concluded that the walls with some minor strengthening in areas where counterforts had been modified could be allowed to stand in cantilever during the temporary unpropped condition, this saved the client considerable time and expense.

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