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Ormont, Harrow on the Hill, London...

Terrain Geotechnical Consultants Limited were appointed for the static load testing of 2 No. preliminary piles to 2.5 x SWL for a proposed luxury mansion.

The site of the new mansion was close to the centre of Harrow-on-the-Hill in London, access was limited to a narrow lane with parked cars in abundance. Self drilling hollow threadbar piles were proposed, this piling method was new to the area and Harrow Council required verification of the design in advance of the main works contract. 

Due to restricted access, testing using a conventional test beam was not possible, the use of Terrain’s patented high capacity, lightweight, modular test beam allowed testing to be carried out where it would previously have been impossible.

The two trial piles were tested using a hydraulic ram, acting against our test frame, restrained by previously installed anchor piles. The tests were successfully completed to a maximum load of 1150 kN leaving both the local authority and the clients engineer satisfied that a factor of safety of 2.0 could be adopted for the contract piles. 

By testing these piles it was possible to reduce the installed pile length by approximately 50%, offering considerable savings for the client whilst at the same time controlling risk for all parties.  The results of the tests have recently been published in The Structural Engineer, Volume 87(6), 17th March 2009, p16 – p25.

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