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Terrain Geotechnical Consultants Limited were approached by a piling contractor to provide a tender design for the strengthening and heightening of an existing flood defence wall, which was founded on soft soils. The original scheme proposed by the engineer was for 4 No. drilled micropiles installed at each buttress location. This posed a number of problems; the piles had to withstand lateral loads as a result of water pressure loading the wall, self drilled micropiles do not have a large capacity for withstanding lateral loads and these were therefore proposed to be raked, with the associated difficulties this posed.  Additionally, self drilled micropiles require grouting and use grout as a flushing medium, due to the close proximity to the River Nene potential pollutants such as grout were not permitted.

Terrain Geotechnical Consultants Ltd proposed a scheme based upon two driven piles at each buttress location, successful lateral and tension pile tests were carried out to verify the design parameters. The pile test results were better than expected and the client’s engineer subsequently adopted our design, they felt confident that the number of piles could be further reduced to one per location. By proposing a sensible and practical design solution verified by pile testing, we were able to provide the client with substantial savings.

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