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Self Drilling Micropiles use a hollow threadbar with a sacrificial drill bit which is drilled into the ground using grout as a flushing medium. This results in a grout body within the ground containing a high tensile steel bar. Corrosion is taken into account by typically over-specifying the bar with a sacrificial corrosion allowance and/or by the use of special coatings.

There has been a rapid uptake of the use of ‘self drillers’ in the UK in recent years and we have been at the forefront of this expansion. Working with the most up to date practice alongside the International Society for Micropiles (ISM) and conducting our own research (papers) we have been able to prove the benefits and capabilities of these versatile piles to the most demanding approval authorities.

Self drillers are quick to install and produce very little spoil, which means they are ideally suited to sites where ground contamination and costly disposal of spoil is an issue. Other key benefits are:

Ability to rake

Ability to penetrate obstructions

No requirement for casing

High grout penetration in granular soils producing high skin friction capacity

Rapid installation

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