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Slope Stability Analysis and Remediation...

We offer slope stability analysis and remediation solutions and use industry standard software SLIDE and PLAXIS to optimise our approach. Solutions have been developed using anchors, soil nails, geotextiles, gabions and micro-piles.

Our experience of slope stabilisation and remediation is extensive, we have been responsible for several large slope remediation projects. Our capabilities in this respect are greatly enhanced by using advanced numerical analysis where appropriate.

Soil nails and anchors offer many advantages over traditional methods of soil slope remediation such as toe surcharging. We have also used soil nails to stabilise existing retaining walls.

Piles of course can be used as cut-offs for potential slip surfaces. On slopes access can be difficult for larger piling machines and the key is to establish what increase in factor safety can be realised with systems that can access the slope. Again advanced numerical techniques with a large dose of practical common sense can determine the practicalities of this type of solution.

Geotextiles are often used in conjunction with one or more of the three methods above, we offer a design and specification service for geotextiles for use in slope stabilisation projects.

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